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Ivona Ondrackova

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Here's who I am & what I do

HR specialist with 7+ years of experience, operating as a freelancer since January 2020.


After a decade of diverse experiences across different industries and countries, I established my own sole-proprietorship devoted to sustainability, innovation, and development in Human Resources.

My Blog and Services and Products are designed specifically for START-UPpers and REMOTE teams who want to be efficient, organized, and well TAKEN CARE OF. My GOAL  is creating a pleasant and supportive work environment by optimizing and simplifying HR operations.


Maybe you don't find yourself, but you share the same values and would like to know more about my services. If that's the case, CONTACT ME. I am always open to new challenges.

Need assistance with building your remote team?  

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My specialization is recruiting freelancers and remote workers, as well as workers for Hospitality and Tourism. I successfully conducted hiring sessions in areas such as Real estate, Marketing, Healthcare, E-commerce, Business consulting.


Fill out a short form to get a quote and proposal of the project timeline and management.  

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