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     There are many different factors affecting your success rate when landing new projects, clients, and remote jobs.


     Sometimes it's because of one little mistake keeping you from becoming a successful freelancer. And sometimes it's because you're new to the labor market and it's difficult to position yourself correctly. 


With VAnswers you pay only for what you really need. 

Choose from a variety of services and online materials: 

Unbeatable Job Application 

online course


In 2020 I started freelancing AGAIN. Only in 2020, I worked with 9 different clients, I hired dozens of successful job applicants and went through hundreds of really bad applications. In March 2021 I finished one of my biggest full-time hiring projects and in one month I managed to get 4 job offers based on my job application.

Join my course and discover the Unbeatable Job Application method!

Suitable for:

  • Remote Workers and Freelancers 

  • All job-seekers who are new to the labor market. 

  • Job-seekers who want to get a stable client base.

  • Those who want to understand the rules of the labor market.


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In this course

Create a perfectly optimized

job application and

Get Hired !

Not sure what you're looking for?

Sometimes it's so overwhelming. You follow all accessible online guides, you seem to be doing everything right but you still can't work it out!


If you're not sure what exactly you need because you can't identify your problem with landing a job, send me a message describing your situation or book a 30-minute FREE consultation with me and together we'll figure it out. 

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Private  Career Coaching


Suitable for:

Remote Workers, Freelancers, and other Job-seekers

This service will help you if:

  • You have been working remotely for a while and you're still struggling to build a stable client base.

  • You want to change your career and need help with transitioning. 

  • You're transitioning into a remote worker or freelancer and need some guidance.

  • You want to build your long-term career plan in order to effectively achieve your career goals.  

You can read dozens of articles about career coaching and why it is good for you, or simply book a 30-minute free session with me and find out if that's what you need.


Private Career Coaching is a service paid on an hourly basis, and it's only up to you how many hours of my coaching you decide to take.


Online Tutoring

Online Consulting

Suitable for:

  • Remote Workers and Freelancers and other Job-Seekers

This service will help you if:

  • You need a professional to review and optimize your job application or a single document such as CV, Resumé, Cover letter.

  • You need to optimize your LinkedIn profile

  • You need help to prepare for an interview or a professional presentation. 

Online consultation can be conducted via video call or email. You can choose an option you feel more comfortable with. 

Send me a message and get an email with booking and payment instructions. 


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