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Meet Ivona

Professional HR Consultant | Founder of VAnswers

Recruitment | Consulting for job-seekers | HR management | Career coaching

 Make sure that the right people

are doing the right things

at the right time. 

I believe that we work for the feeling of fulfillment. I also believe that work-life balance is achievable only if you're an excellent fit for your job and the job is a perfect fit for you. 

I operate as a link between the right fits in the world of REMOTE WORKERS and REMOTE EMPLOYERS. 

My mission is to educate remote job-seekers about their position in the labor market, familiarize them with the meaning of different job positions across industries, and teach them to objectively evaluate their skills, knowledge, and experience to apply for the right jobs. 

I assist small and mid-size organizations and start-ups. I build their teams and also HR structure. 

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What I Specialize In




Coaching online




Job application

Freelancers and Remote Workers

looking for their dreamy job.

Set goals | Organize your job-seeking project | Understand the market | Optimize your application | Get invited for an interview | Get hired

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Aren't recruiters answering your applications?  

Make them invite you for an interview.

Create an Unbeatable Job Application


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In this course

Unbeatable Job Application

online course  

     It the video section, I guide you step by step through the whole process of creating an outstanding job application which make recruiters invite you for an interview. 

     As a result of the video course, you create a perfect job application template which you'll be able to use any time for any kind of job application.

Self-paced video course

     Additional coaching materials will help you organize yourself in the job seeking process.

     Thanks to this section, you'll start applying for jobs at the right time, you'll become more efficient, you'll stop applying for job offers that are not for you and you'll free your mind from the fear of not getting a job.

Coaching materials

     I want to be sure that you got the most out of my course and that you'll land your dreamy job.

     After you finish the course, I will personally review your job application and also all materials you created in the coaching section.

     I'll provide you with valuable feedback and help you with the final revision if necessary. 

Personal evaluation


B2B Support

Master your recruitment | Connect with remote professionals 

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